Before making furniture, why we have to dry and insecticidal wood material?

Wood drying means volatilize the moisture in the wood by natural methods or artificial methods,making it drop to the standard which meet requirement,avoiding insect and bacterial corrosion or cracking,deformation of wood,improving product quality,adding the working life of the woods. Just like man , wood has it’s own temper. Drying too much , the wood will lost its vitality.Drying less or uneven, the wood will suffer the pain from that . So only drying wood properly , can they work efficiently as you need. Commonly used drying methods include artificial drying, natural drying, and microwave drying – wood microwave drying insecticidal equipment. Drying methods: 1.Artificial drying: The wood is sealed in … Read more

Microwave sizing equipment, the good news of ceramic processing industry

Honeycomb ceramics has a broad market prospect because of its advantages of high mechanical strength, easy recycling, good chemical stability, good temperature resistance, uniform distribution of pores and so on. Its application fields cover chemical industry, environmental protection, energy, metallurgy, electronics, petroleum, smelting, textile, pharmaceutical, food machinery, cement and other industries. However, high quality honeycomb ceramics require high sizing technology, and the previous sintering technology is not enough to meet the production needs, and the yield is not high, resulting in low production efficiency.In recent years, microwave finalizing equipment is the good news for honeycomb ceramics industry. Characteristics of microwave drying … Read more

Microwave sterilization equipment

Microwave sterilization is a mechanical technology that mainly used for the drying and sterilization of medicines, nutritional supplements, food products, agricultural products, beef jerky, instant noodles, fast food, rice noodles in powder, granules, flakes and other state, the roasting, puffing, sterilization, peeling of almonds, peanuts, red dates, walnuts, chestnut, and the anti-mildew, sterilization,fresh-preservation of pickles,pot-stewed fowl, all kinds of meat small package and so on. The purpose of sterilization is to eliminate harmful substances, microbial pollution that food contaminated by external world in the process, such as bacterial pollution in water, two of bacteria pollution in the air,two cross-infection caused … Read more

Microwave thawing technology-let you eat healthy and assured meat

As we all know, Chinese people eat most is pork, and the second is beef. In fact, eat more beef has many benefits for our health. Beef also have a good name “the best kid in the meat” because of its high protein content, low in fat, delicious in taste. However,many imported or exported meat products are usually frozen products,to maintain a good taste, professional thawing methods must be selected in order to maximize the reduction of the best quality and taste of meat. In this paper, a microwave thawing equipment,which is suitable for various frozen meat products – Microwave imported beef … Read more

Microwave dryer

Drying technology has a wide range of applications nowadays. In the face of numerous industrial, materials with different physical and chemical properties, product quality and other aspects of the requirements, drying is a technology which cross-industry, cross-disciplinary, with experimental nature. Nowadays, there are many kinds of drying methods, such as drying, boiling, spray drying and so on. But using these drying methods, all products obtained by drying at temperatures above 0 C. Generally, the product volume is reduced and the texture is hardened. Some substances are oxidized, most of the volatile components will be lost, and some thermosensitive substances, such … Read more

The newest thawing method of meat products – only takes five minutes.

With the rapid development of society, frozen meat products have gradually become an indispensable part of people’s lives. As a kind of pork semi-finished products, frozen meat products can not be quickly thawed, and inaccurate thawing methods can make meat lose its original taste and quality. Many frozen items, such as quick-frozen dumplings, are usually stored in the environment below – 18 C. They must be thawed before they are made. At present, the commonly used thawing methods are natural thawing, low-temperature thawing and microwave thawing – leader microwave equipment company meat products thawing equipment.   Common thawing methods: 1.Normal … Read more