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leader microwave equipment company microwave defrosting equipment has world-class design and technology. It is not only safe and efficient, but also conducive to environmental protection.

We have successfully exported and installed microwave unfreeze equipment in many countries, such as Indonesia, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Jordan, and Brazil and so on as so far. We look forward to working with more customers (to)and provide top products and services. Welcome to contact us!

Leader Microwave Equipment Microwave defrost equipment

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In order to maintain the profit of each customer, Leader Microwave Equipment Machinery has designed various types of microwave thawing equipment

30KW Microwave defrost machine
60KW Microwave defrost machine
80KW Microwave defrost machine
Customized microwave defrost machine

Here are more details about the industrial microwave defrost machines we sell.

Model DL-6 DL-10 DL-16 customization
capacity 6T 8-10T 15-20T customization
Total power 30KW 60KW 80KW customization
floor space 30*10*8 30*10*8 40*10*8 customization
Operating pressure ordinary pressure
service life 5-8years
operating methods Completely continuous
heating method electric energy

This machine’s various designs may reduce the cost, enhances the work efficiency, may also solve the difficult problem of the entire profession,all of this could cause the entire profession to realize the qualitative leap and realize the final goal of marketization,industrial operation.

More importantly, we have rich experience and professional team to provide you with the most cost-effective microwave defrost business plan.

It can be seen that investment in microwave defrost equipment is profitable.If you want to know more about this project, please contact us!

  Excellent Leader Microwave Equipment microwave thawing technique

1. Advanced thawing technology

The microwave thawing equipment adopts the latest international heating structure, which is different from the traditional mode, such as direct combustion heating (fast heating, but short service life of the reactor) or wind heating structure (longer service life of the furnace, but slower heating speed). Leader Microwave Equipment microwave defrost equipment combines these advantages to make the machine has a longer service life.

At the same time, it can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce production costs. That’s why Leader Microwave Equipment’s Microwave thaw Equipment has a low cost and reasonable price.

2. PLC Control System

The Waste industial microwave thawing machine designed by Leader Microwave Equipment group has introduced advanced PLC control system and could achieve complete intelligent operation.In this way, it can make our industrial microwave thawing machine more standardized and international.

PLC Control System

3. going green and environmental protection

This machine belongs to environmental protection project.The whole working process runs under the condition of no peculiar smell and no smoke, with good safety and environmental friendliness.

4. professional team

As one of the world’s leading microwave defrost equipment manufacturers, Leader Microwave Equipment invented the latest technology and high quality defrosting equipment.After continuous accumulation and improvement, our new generation of microwave thawing machine has been released.

In addition, with excellent production quality, good reputation and nearly perfect sales service, Leader Microwave Equipment stands out among the numerous Microwave defrost Equipment suppliers and occupies the leading position in the international market.

Microwave thawing process

Traditional frozen foods are thawed at room temperature or heated indoors (or in hot water).Since frozen food has higher thermal conductivity than non-frozen food, the heat transfer in the melting process is carried out from the surface to the inside.

When the thawing temperature is fixed, the outer layer of food thawing is slower than the inner layer, and the thawing time is longer, which is easy to cause juice loss and affect the quality of the thawed food.

Microwave thawing method is a method of thawing frozen food under the action of certain frequency electromagnetic wave. Microwave can penetrate strongly at low temperature, and ice has dielectric properties.

Industrial use of microwave for thawing and temperature-regulating frozen meat ,which can obtaingood quality like fresh meat , and it also conducive to better use of meat raw materials and further processing after thawing.

No matter what kind of machine you’re going to run, including microwave defrost devices, security should come first. Leader Microwave Equipment can help you conduct operation training of your Equipment.

In addition to selling microwave defrost equipment, microwave wood drying machine and other high quality microwave defrost equipment, we also provide product maintenance and update services. If you have any questions about the microwave thawing equipment, please feel free to contact us!