Microwave dryer

Drying technology has a wide range of applications nowadays. In the face of numerous industrial, materials with different physical and chemical properties, product quality and other aspects of the requirements, drying is a technology which cross-industry, cross-disciplinary, with experimental nature.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of drying methods, such as drying, boiling, spray drying and so on. But using these drying methods, all products obtained by drying at temperatures above 0 C. Generally, the product volume is reduced and the texture is hardened.

Some substances are oxidized, most of the volatile components will be lost, and some thermosensitive substances, such as protein and vitamins, will be denatured. Microorganisms lose their biological activity and dry matter is not easy to dissolve in water. Therefore, the properties of dried products are quite different from those before drying.


What are the unavoidable disadvantages of traditional drying methods?

1.Excessive drying temperature. Traditional drying technology, drying temperature is not easy to control, generally drying temperature is about 75-90℃, and dehydrated vegetable drying technology requires that the drying temperature should not exceed 65℃.

2.The drying time is too long. Traditional drying technology requires at least 24 hours for every ton of vegetables processed. Sometimes it takes longer to rework because of poor drying effect.

3.High energy consumption. The traditional drying technology has low thermal efficiency, about 30%-60%. In the drying process, the heat of evaporation water accounts for about 36%, the waste gas loss accounts for about 58%, the heat loss of dry material and dryer accounts for 2% and 2%, respectively, and the thermal efficiency is only 40%.

Traditional drying methods, not only destroy the internal structure of materials, but also cause a large loss of nutritional value. In view of various technical drawbacks, our company has launched a microwave dryer, which uses microwave technology to achieve drying and sterilization. Microwave dryer can not only ensure the quality of products in the process of drying operation, but also do not pollute the environment. It is an advanced scientific and technological equipment.

What’s the difference between microwave dryer and traditional dryer?

 1.Uniform and thorough: the part with high water content absorbs more microwave and produces moreheat, on the contrary, produces At the same time,the product is heated internally and externally, without thermal inertia, no heat transfer loss, fast drying. Microwave penetrates the product directly, stimulates water molecules, generates heat, and the internal temperature is slightly higher than the external temperature. It can avoid the shortcoming of “shell” caused by temperature gradient and slow evaporation of water.

2.Simple control: Sincemicrowave power can be adjusted quickly and without inertia, combined with PLC automatic control system and real-time control, it is easy to adjust and determine process parameters.

3.Improving quality: Drying in low temperature and anaerobic environment can better guarantee the quality of products

4.Maintaining primary color: Because of the short drying time of microwave, it solves the problem that the traditional drying time is long and the humidity is high, which easily causes the product to change color. It is an ideal drying method.

5.Energy saving and environmental protection: Compared with conventional electric heating drying method, microwave drying can generally save 50% of the point. The equipment uses microwave radiation to transfer energy, which is the overall heating of the medium.

No other heat transfer medium is needed. It avoids the shortcoming of slow heat conduction under vacuum condition, so it has the advantages of high speed, high efficiency, shorter drying period and lower energy consumption. No noise, no toxic gas and liquid emissions, belongs to environmental protection drying technology.

In theory, microwave drying equipment technology can solve all drying requirements. Its appearance solves many drying problems, such as small water drying, viscous material drying, embryo body drying, filter cake drying, uniform drying, deep drying, fast drying, energy saving drying and a series of high-demand drying.

Because microwave has the ability to penetrate materials, microwave drying technology is different from heat conduction drying, which is an integral drying method. Its drying speed is very fast, product quality is good, continuous industrial production is realized, equipment occupies a small area, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving characteristics are constantly replacing the traditional drying technology.


What materials can microwave dryer dry and sterilize?

1.Drying and sterilization of beef jerky, fish jerky, meat shop, shrimp and other meat types.

2.Low-temperature drying and sterilization of fruits, kernels, slices, beans and vegetables

3.Drying and sterilization of mushrooms such as Lentinus edodes, mushrooms and agaric fungus

4.Tea green killing, drying, loose and moist tobacco leaves

5.Drying and Sterilization of Chinese Herbal Medicine Pieces and Granules

6.Sterilization of dehydrated vegetables, drying and Sterilizationof instant noodles and tobacco

7.Deodorization of soybean and rapeseed

8.Sterilization and fresh-keeping of Soybean Products

9.Cocoon drying

10Drying and sterilization of other granular materials

In recent years, microwave energy application technology is widely used in the baking of sesame, melon seeds, peanuts, walnuts, almonds, chestnuts and other dry fruits. Compared with traditional methods, microwave-baked foods are crisp, delicious, full-puffed, natural in color, beautiful in appearance, and have the function of insecticide and sterilization.

In the market, the machinery produced by different manufacturers will have their own characteristics and advantages. In order to ensure that the machinery and equipment better meet the requirements of users and achieve better use effect, leader microwave equipment company  embarks from all directions, facing the microwave equipment produced by many companies, our company not only ranks first in equipment technology, but also pays more attention to the environmental protection and non-pollution of equipment.

Through the comparison of reference data, we can more accurately see the advantages of our company compared with our peers:

  Microwave drying equipment  

Other microwave drying equipment

Microwave frequency 915±25MHz 915±25MHz
Microwave power 20 KW-200 kW or more (continuously adjustable) 35kW
Transmission speed 0.1~3m/min Frequency adjust speed 0.5~3m/min
Microwave leakage ≤5mw/cm2(GB5959.6-87) ≤5mw/cm2(GB5959.6-87)
Drying capacity 0.5~1.0T/ h 0.5~1.5T/ h
Hourly capacity 5-7 tons 4-6 tons

Appearance Size of Equipment

L × W × H 8000×5000×2300(mm)(Customizable) L × W × H8000×5000×2300(mm)
Control mode Touch screen and PLC control Touch screen and PLC control


The comparison in the comprehensive table intuitively shows the advantages of our microwave drying equipment in the same industry. All our microwave equipment is manufacturer’s direct sale. The company’s service aim is to provide three packages a year + lifetime maintenance + tailor-made + long-term tracking service.

It also provides a full set of pre-sale and after-sale services such as installation, commissioning, maintenance, training, technical consultation, etc. Free repair and replacement of spare parts within one year, lifelong service. Faced with the choice of microwave drying equipment, our company is worthy of your trust.

Generally speaking, the continuous promotion of microwave technology will be welcomed by more users in the future.Our company’s microwave dryer, from the point of view of improving the safety, rapidity and environmental protection at the beginning of the design, whether in the equipment or the configuration of the whole parts, we all choose internationally and domestically well-known brand accessories to ensure quality and protect the safety of use. This is the functional advantages and characteristics of our company’s machinery and equipment.

The company is a high-tech enterprise integrating science, industry and trade, engaged in research and development and production of microwave equipment. The company has decades of production and manufacturing experience. It solves the rationalization of drying methods, does not damage nutritional value, ensures that the dietary fiber of food can be retained to the greatest extent after drying, and is committed to promoting microwave dryer to the world and expanding its brand.