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When we plan to purchase drying machines for materials, the most important thing is that we must find suitable drying equipment in the market. Now there are many suppliers who can supply this kind of machine. But why is leader microwave equipment company a good choice for you?Now let me tell you the answer.

On the one hand, our company has rich experience and mature technology in the field of microwave drying equipment manufacturing and sales. On the other hand, our microwave drying equipment has the characteristics of high competitiveness in price, low cost and high quality. This is why Leader microwave drying equipment is becoming more and more popular in the international market.

Leader Microwave drying equipment for sale

Leader microwave drying equipment adopts the latest microwave drying technology, which mainly has the following functions:

Firstly,it is used for drying or sterilizing the powder, granule, flake of medicine, nutrition, food products, agricultural and sideline products,such as beef, meat products, instant noodles, fast food, rice noodles,etc.

Secondly, baking,puffing,sterilizing and peeling some nuts,such as almond, peanut, red date, peach kernel, chestnut.

Thirdly,the anti – mildew, sterilization, preservation of the pouch back of pickles, marinade, all kinds of meat products and so on.

  Technical advantages of microwave drying equipment:

1. Safety design

Industrial microwave dryers we sold are equipped with mature safety devices, such as thermometers, pressure gauges, safety valves and electronic control systems. Therefore, accidents can be avoided.

2. Energy saving

Microwave work directly on food without additional heat loss, which can improve the utilization rate of heat supply. The structure of Microwave drying equipment is simple , apart from water, electricity,it does not need boilers and complex pipeline system, which reduce the cost of customers.

3. Environmental Protection

Industrial microwave drying equipment has no waste heat radiation, dust, noise and pollution. It is an industrial facility in line with the strategy of sustainable development.

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  Different types of microwave drying equipment machinery:

48kw microwave drying equipment
80kw microwave drying equipment
120kw microwave drying equipment
Can be customized higher power microwave drying equipment

As a professional manufacturer, we offer various types of microwave dryers. You can see their detailed parameters in the following table:

model DL-48 KW DL-80KW DL-120KW
Microwave frequency 2450/915MHz 2450/915MHz 2450/915MHz
output power 48KW 80KW 120KW
transmission speed 0-5m /Minute (adjustable) 0-5m /Minute (adjustable) 0-5m /Minute (adjustable)
Leakage value ≤3mw/Cubic metre ≤3mw/Cubic metre ≤3mw/Cubic metre
size 7000x840x1800 10500x840x1800 12500x1200x1800
Drying capacity 120-150kg/h 300-400kg/h 500-600kg /h

Note: Various types of microwave drying equipment can be customized according to user’s needs.

High quality and durable microwave drying equipment

The quality and durability of Leader microwave drying machines are well known in the international market. Because we have a strong manufacturing team, strict production lines, and the use of high-tech to ensure the high quality of the machine, such as automatic welding technology and ultrasonic flaw detection technology.

All of our products have passed CE, ISO, SGS certification. So far, these machines have been exported to Jordan, Nigeria, Korea, Hungary, Ukraine, Indonesia, Brazil, Dominican Republic and so on. Our professional attitude towards research, durable products and sincere service leave a deep impression on our customers.

Excellent after-sales service:

  • 1. Designing drawing and installing machine according to your site.
  • 2. Engineers are always at your service during the one-year warranty period.
  • 3. Regular return visits to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
  • 4. Designing specific maintenance programs according to the different situations of your machine.
  • 5. For each machine, a technician will be dispatched to guide your installation, test the machine and train your workers. In addition, we will provide a monthly tracking service free of charge.

For many years, Leader Industrial microwave Equipment has been committed to the manufacture of microwave equipment, such as microwave stereotyping equipment. But we not only provide high-quality machines such as microwave drying equipment , but also care about the profits of customers and the sustainable development of the earth. If you want more information, you can leave us a message immediately.