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Microwave thawing method is a method of thawing frozen food under the action of certain frequency electromagnetic wave.Because of the strong penetration of microwave at low temperature and the dielectric properties of ice, The quality of fresh meat can be obtained by thawing and tempering frozen meat with microwave in industry, which is beneficial to further processing.

By using leader microwave equipment company microwave defrost, we can defrost frozen food with high efficiency and high quality, which is a good method to realize fast defrost of food.Microwave thawing is a new trend in industry,because it can help alleviate pollution problems and improve the living environment.

Leader microwave food defrost machine

As so far, our automatic microwave thawing plant and microwave sterilization equipment
has been successfully launched in many countries, such as Ukraine, Ghana, Spain, Turkey and so on, and has received wide praise.

  Main features of Leader microwave food defrost machine:

  • 1. Microwave food defrost machine can defrost a variety of frozen food, such as beef, chicken, duck, pork, etc. Defrosted products has excellent quality.
  • 2.The microwave food thawing machine is really safe to operate.The safety system is very impressive and 100% guarantees the safety and maximum comfort of operator.
  • 3.Microwave food defrosting machine is environmental-friendly, because it only consumes electricity, and will not produce waste water, waste gas and other substances that harmful to the environment and people’s health in the operation process.
  • 4.The highest degree of automation can reduce the cost of energy and labor, machine operation only needs a few workers, saving costs and convenient management.
  • 5.Because of the high quality and wide range of microwave defrost products, the use of the equipment is also profitable.
  • 6.Microwave food defrost equipment has a long service life.Leader group fully considers the operation, maintenance and repair of customers in the design and manufacturing process.Therefore, it can increase the heating speed and prolong the service life of the equipment.In the long run, Leader’s defrost machine cost is reasonable.

  The main models of microwave food defrost machine:

12kw Microwave defrost equipment
30kw Microwave defrost equipment
50kw Microwave defrost equipment
Customized microwave defrost equipment

The introduction of microwave food defrosting process:

Microwave thawing method belongs to internal heating method,is a kind of electric thawing method.The principle is that electromagnetic waves act on the polar groups of macromolecules and low molecules in frozen products, especially on water molecules.

It causes polar molecules to change the direction of arrangement continuously in the electromagnetic field with high frequency changes. When the molecules change, they rotate, vibrate, collide with each other, and generate heat.The higher the frequency of electromagnetic wave, the greater the impact and friction, the more heat, the faster thawing speed.

Model DL-05 DL-10 DL-20 DL-30
Food intake per hour 500KG 800-1000KG 1500-2000KG 2500-3000KG
Total power 40KW/h 55KW/h 60KW/h 72KW/h
Floor space(L * W * H) 30*15*7m 35*15*7m 45*15*10m 50*15*10m
Service life 5-8 years
Working procedure Continuous
The heating energy Electric energy

  Display of some thawing products:

There are many microwave defrost equipment for sale on the market, if you choose our factory, you will enjoy our first-class products.

duck wing

  You can enjoy the perfect service:

First of all, you can make a field survey before you buy, which means you can visit our plant and know the whole working process of the factory.

Secondly, after you buy the machine, we will deliver the product as soon as possible.

Thirdly, regarding the installation, we will send professional engineers to help you install and operate the microwave thawing machine, so as to ensure that the factory can operate normally and start working faster.

Fourthly, you can also enjoy regular telephone visit, so that we can get timely feedback, if something happens, we can help you solve the problem.

Leader group has been producing and selling microwave equipment for many years, with the most professional team and advanced technology.Besides, our products are both environmentally friendly and economical.We always put the quality of our products first. Compared with other machines, our price is quite reasonable.

By virtue of our high-quality products and services, we have won a good reputation in the society.More and more customers come to visit the Leader and buy our equipment.

Leader microwave food defrost machine occupies the leading position in the international market with its low energy consumption, affordable price, best after-sales service and super performance.If you still have questions, please contact us.We are ready to provide you with solutions.