Microwave sizing equipment, the good news of ceramic processing industry

Honeycomb ceramics has a broad market prospect because of its advantages of high mechanical strength, easy recycling, good chemical stability, good temperature resistance, uniform distribution of pores and so on. Its application fields cover chemical industry, environmental protection, energy, metallurgy, electronics, petroleum, smelting, textile, pharmaceutical, food machinery, cement and other industries.

However, high quality honeycomb ceramics require high sizing technology, and the previous sintering technology is not enough to meet the production needs, and the yield is not high, resulting in low production efficiency.In recent years, microwave finalizing equipment is the good news for honeycomb ceramics industry.

Characteristics of microwave drying ceramic sintering equipment:

1.The heating effect of microwave drying ceramic sintering equipment is uniform, microwave drying is a integration heating for ceramic,has good drying uniformity and ceramic quality,as well as high yield.

2.Microwave drying moulding machine is faster, it can even achieve a satisfactory effect in a few minutes. Practice has proved that usually 20 minutes to two hours to complete the ceramic sintering drying moulding.

3.Microwave ceramic drying equipment is small in size and occupies a small area. Compared with traditional porcelain kilns, it can save a lot of space.

4.Microwave ceramic processor improves the efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, microwave equipment only consumes electric energy, clean and sanitary, zero emission, no harmful substance produced in the drying process, belongs to environmentally friendly industrial production equipment.

5.Microwave drying and sizing ,the product quality is good. The penetration of microwave makes the inside and outside of the ceramic uniform heating, the product is not easy to crack.

6.Ceramic microwave sintering device is easy to control, convenient and flexible to use.Save time and effort.

7.The energy consumption of microwave shaping ceramic machine is low. The whole ceramic is heated at the same time, which can save the process of heat transfer, reduce the heat consumption and greatly improve the energy utilization.

8.This facility is controlled by PLC system,with high automation degree.Labor saving,process saving, and low labor intensity.

9.It makes the ceramic finalizing process and the before and after process flow into automatic production line, reducing the handling frequency, preventing the loss, improving the output rate.

Application of microwave drying ceramic sintering equipment:

Microwave honeycomb ceramic drying and shaping equipment has been successfully applied to the drying of porous structure ceramics, which can easily reduce the body water content to less than 3%, greatly shorten the drying time and improve the yield.

In addition, microwave technology is also used in the process of ceramic, high – voltage insulation and drying of ceramic bottles and so on.


Conventional ceramic sintering process:

Such as burning, heater, electric heating, steam heating and other drying to finalize the design process is using the basic principle of heat conduction, the heat from external to internal, pottery and porcelain make ceramic core temperature rise gradually, according to the external heating.

To attain specified temperature center must be a certain amount of time, the poor thermal conductivity object need time is longer. This influence to promote the efficiency of production, inhibition of production scale, hinder the further development of ceramic industry.



These traditional ceramic finalize the design means time is long, use electric quantity big, heat is not quite even, fluctuation right and left turns over, labor amount is big.

Because of the large porous materials forming when the moisture content, porosity, and the blank wall of hole in the body is very thin, uneven heating in a traditional way, very difficult to finalize the design, combined with the coefficient of thermal conductivity of porous materials is poor, its drying process requirement is very strict, especially used for environmentally friendly vehicles, and other fields of honeycomb ceramics, drying process management is not good, easy to deformation, porosity and specific surface area.



Operation principle of microwave ceramic shaping equipment:

Leader microwave equipment company microwave can pass through object interior inside and outside to add temperature together, frequency is 2450MHZ, with every second the frequency of 2.45 billion is oscillatory, water molecule is same, the molecule is rubbed between each other produce heat, achieve oneself to give off heat effect.

Brand Leader Category Tunnel type finalizing equipment
Power adjustable Boundary dimension(mm) 1600*1570*1135
Weight(kg) 450 Within the cavity size(mm) 960*960*1000
Footprint(m2) 3 Control mode LCD color screen MCU control




Ceramic materials, honeycomb ceramics, for example, as a sensitive element and sound-absorbing material of artificial bone, tooth root, such as raw materials, more and more get people’s attention. It is not difficult to foresee, in the future, microwave ceramic molding equipment will be more and more widely used in our life. Microwave technology, used in industrial field, also not only reflect in the microwave heating equipment, microwave sterilization equipment.