Microwave stereotyping equipment

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Microwave stereotyping equipment is a unique design for product stereotyping and sterilization. As a new type of microwave equipment, it is emerging with the global green trend. leader microwave equipment company specializes in the production of various microwave equipment, such as microwave baking equipment, microwave dehydration equipment, microwave sterilization equipment, etc.

More importantly, each of our products can achieve stable performance, simple operation and favorable price. All our products are guaranteed a one-year warranty to provide free services to customers.

Stereotyped ceramic products
Microwave stereotyping equipment in Ukraine

  Microwave stereotyping machine for sale

10kw Microwave stereotyping machine
20kw Microwave stereotyping machine
30kw Microwave stereotyping machine
High power Microwave stereotyping machine can be customized

  Product Specification:

Microwave stereotyping machine
Microwave frequency 915±25MHz
microwave power Above 20kw-200kw(continuously adjustable)
Transmission speed 0.1~3m/min (frequency control)
Microwave leakage ≤5mw/cm2(GB5959.6-87)
Extraction quantity 0.5~1.0T/ h
capacity/hour 5-7 tons
Appearance Size of Equipment Long x wide x high
8000 x 5000 x 2300 (mm) (customizable)
control mod Touch screen and PLC control

  Main characteristics of microwave stereotyping equipment:

  • 1. Wide scope of application. Microwave stereotyping machine has the advantages of low price and harmlessness, and has become the main machine for ceramics products stereotyping. It is widely used in ceramics and ceramics shaping, in this case, Microwave stereotyping machine production line emerged and developed rapidly.
  • 2. High output and return. The return on investment is acceptable due to extensive and inexpensive raw materials and mass production.
  • 3. Environmental protection. All our microwave equipment, including microwave accessories, are environmentally friendly, non-polluting and non-exhaust high-tech environmental protection equipment.
Details of microwave stereotyping equipment

As a professional microwave equipment manufacturer, our microwave stereotyping machinery has been exported to more than 20 countries, such as Algeria, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, and received good reputation.

Whether in equipment or in the configuration of the whole parts, the company has chosen international and domestic well-known brands of accessories to ensure quality, protect the safety of use and rest assured, that is why we are one of the world’s best manufacturers of microwave stereotyping machinery.

Microwave shaping machine is also divided into chemical microwave shaping machine and microwave ceramics shaping machine. We are sure that you will be satisfied with our high quality products. If you need more details, please feel free to contact us!

Microwave equipment in Brazil /Microwave shipment to Algeria/Microwave equipment in Libya

As we all know, price and quality are interrelated. You cannot just think about buying the cheapest microwave stereotyping machine. You should consider quality as your primary consideration. Our microwave stereotyping machine and other microwave sterilization equipment may not be the cheapest, but we promise you that our machines will have a longer service life.

Why choose Industrial microwave Equipment?

As one of the top suppliers of microwave equipment, our Industrial microwave Microwave stereotyping equipment uses advanced technology and high quality materials. Therefore, it has a long service life. At the same time, our machines can be customized according to your productivity needs.

If you buy any of our microwave equipment, we will send technicians on-site guidance, provide practical operation and maintenance training, and conduct regular telephone, e-mail, home visits and satisfaction surveys. If you need a machine, please contact us. We look forward to serving you!