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The increasingly development of microwave technology and the growing demand for industrial sterilization have made investment in microwave sterilization equipment a wise choice.

Because a good microwave sterilization equipment can bring you more profit, how to choose the right machine is a big problem. Here are some tips that might be helpful when you purchase such a device.

Microwave sterilizer from trusted manufacturer Leader

As a qualified manufacturer, we cannot only ensure the quality of our products but also the best service.

leader microwave equipment company has extensive experience in this field and we have extensive experience in exporting various industrial microwave equipment, such as microwave drying equipment and microwave food thawing machine.

Our machines have been exported to many countries: Algeria, Egypt, India, Dominica, Zambia, Tanzania, Côte d’Ivoire, Ukraine, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, etc. And have received wide acclaim.

Tanzanian customers visit our factory

  We are able to solve all the problems and provide you with superior equipment of all models:

12kw Microwave sterilization equipment
30kw Microwave sterilization equipment
50kw Microwave sterilization equipment
Customized microwave sterilization equipment

  Technical parameters of part industrial microwave sterilization equipment models:

Model DL-12 KW DL-30KW DL-50KW
Microwave frequency 2450/915MHz 2450/915MHz 2450/915MHz
output power 12 KW 30 KW 50 KW
Transmission speed (adjustable) 0-5m /min 0-5m /min 0-5m /min
The value of leakage ≤3mw/m³ ≤3mw/m³ ≤3mw/m³
Size(mm) 7000x840x1800 10500x840x1800 12500x1200x1800
Bactericidal ability 120-150kg/h 300-400kg/h 500-600kg /h

  Affordable microwave sterilization machinery price:

Many people may think that the price of the machine is too high to be affordable.But you may have overlooked that you can profit from this machine in a short time. So the profits you make can offset the money you spend. In addition, due to the high quality, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to repair and maintain this equipment.

  Efficient microwave sterilization machinery design:

Our professional design team considers many factors such as energy costs, heating efficiency and more. Therefore, our machines use microwave heating for rapid sterilization, which can save a lot of energy. The microwave acts directly on the material, and the temperature is simultaneously raised inside and outside, so the heating efficiency is higher.

Microwave sterilization equipment installed overseas

  When it comes to design, safety design is perfect.

First of all, microwave rapid sterilization at low temperature can prevent the high temperature from harming the operator’s personal safety.

Secondly, the perfect sealing system ensures that the microwave energy is rarely leaked and far below the national standard, so workers can work in a safe environment.

Third, we can provide you with the latest PLC control system, which can separate the operator from the workshop and effectively improve the working environment.

We’ve already mentioned a lot of tips on how to buy a qualified industrial microwave sterilizer, but you may be wondering what the machine will do for you.

Our microwave sterilization equipment is worth investing because you can get more and higher quality finished products.

  Some materials sterilized by microwave sterilization machinery:

Canned food
traditional Chinese medicine

  Why choose microwave sterilization:

Food is highly susceptible to contamination during production, storage, transportation and sale. Conventional sterilization and preservation techniques such as high temperature, freezing and preservatives often affect the original flavor and nutrients of the food.

Microwave sterilization makes the microorganisms in the material be influenced by the microwave thermal effect and the non-thermal effect simultaneously. The protein and physiological active substances in its body are mutated, which leads to the development of the microbial delay and stop, and achieving the purpose of food sterilization and preservation. It is possible to keep the original composition of the material to the maximum extent.

  We will provide you with the most attentive service:

  • 1. Free consultation service before, during and after sales.
  • 2. Provide free project planning and design services according to customer’s special requirements.
  • 3. Debugging and inspecting the equipment before leaving the factory until everything is ok.
  • 4. Overseas equipment maintenance and personal operation training.
  • 5. One year full warranty.

All in all, the factory can work continuously, which means you can increase your sterilization efficiency while reducing labor costs. At the same time, you can also profit from it. Therefore, if you are attracted to this industrial sterilization artifact, please contact us. We will respond to you as soon as possible.