The newest thawing method of meat products – only takes five minutes.

With the rapid development of society, frozen meat products have gradually become an indispensable part of people’s lives. As a kind of pork semi-finished products, frozen meat products can not be quickly thawed, and inaccurate thawing methods can make meat lose its original taste and quality.

Many frozen items, such as quick-frozen dumplings, are usually stored in the environment below – 18 C. They must be thawed before they are made. At present, the commonly used thawing methods are natural thawing, low-temperature thawing and microwave thawing – leader microwave equipment company meat products thawing equipment.


Common thawing methods:

1.Normal water-bath thawing is also called natural thawing, which means thawing the frozen products directly in normal or cold water. Generally speaking, it takes several hours to more than ten hours or even several days to achieve thawing, a longer time will damage the quality of frozen products.

2.Alternatively, there is a common method for thawing at low temperatures,that is placing  frozen items in freezer at 0 ℃ ~ 4 ℃ to thaw.Although this method can keep meat fresh, time is too long; the above-described method needs to be improved due to these shortcomings such as slow defrosting speed, low efficiency .

3.Microwave thawing equipment uses polar molecule vibration to produce elastic collision and friction heat with surrounding molecule. Its heating mode is generated from the inside of the product material. This method has the advantages of low production cost, high efficiency, no bacteria growth and small floor area. It is incomparable with other technological methods.

The Mechanism of meat thawing equipment:

1.Microwave thawing machine technology belongs to the internal heating mode, which is a kind of electric thawing. The principle is that electromagnetic waves play a role in the polar groups of polymers and low molecules in frozen products, especially in water molecules.It allows polar molecules constantly change the alignment direction in the high frequency variation of the electromagnetic field, the molecules rotate, vibrate, collide with each other, rub, generate heat. The higher the frequency of electromagnetic waves, the greater the impact of collisions and friction, the more heat, the faster the thawing speed.

2.The microwave thawing device is composed of thawing chamber, magnetron, agitator and air cooler.

The thawing chamber is made of stainless steel. Magnetron and agitator are installed on the upper part of the thawing chamber. The device is equipped with a cooling fan set and a cooling air circulation passage to prevent local overheating of frozen products during thawing.

The electromagnetic wave frequency of microwave meat thawing machine is 915 MHz and 2450 MHz.


Advantages of meat thawing apparatus :

1.Microwave technology for thawing frozen meat can be divided into two kinds:melting and tempering, thermoregulation usually makes refrigerated products adjust from a lower temperature to surrounding water around -4~2℃. In this case the material is in the solid state,still easily machining, which is the basic principles of production and processing of frozen standard.

2.Fast thaw speed, meat microwave thawing device can penetrate into the interior of the heated medium directly heating as a whole;meat production microwave thawing equipment can save cost , has a concise thawing process, microwave thawing has substituted the defrost room and shelves of natural thawing, prevented water waste ;

3.The product quality of microwave thawing machine in favor of control; thaw symmetry is good, the cold outside the heat situation is not easy to appear;

4.Meat microwave thawing can ensure the nutrition, no corruption problems. Microwave thawing has thermal effects and biological effects, maintaining the good taste of thawed material, proteins, amino acids, vitamins are not damaged;

5.The properties of meat microwave thawing makes thaw material quickly through the temperature range that bacteria flourished, preventenvironmental pollution;

6.Reducing the rate of meat loss, meat loss rate of less than 1%; traditional way to thaw loss of 3% -5%, health and safety, working environment clean, green energy, because the microwave can heat deep inside the material directly, without conduct process.A 25 kg meat was raised from -15 to -4 degrees with just over 2 minutes to complete, the thawing time is timed in minutes instead of hours.



Compared with different thawing methods, microwave thawing method has many advantages, such as low production cost, high efficiency, high efficiency of sterilization, small footprint and environmental protection. And microwave thawing meat products equipment in China’s fast-growing food enterprises are also gradually used, the traditional thawing method has been unable to meet the development requirements of modern food processing enterprises.

Therefore, microwave thawing is the first choice for food processing enterprises, and also the main trend of the development of thawing food technology.